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c vox HUMEOUDT.                 407
tific society. He also publisiied in tlie .^atae year Ms
long commence*! work, c* Iixveaiiyiiiioiis ua to tie ori-
ginal inhabitants of Spain, tLrougn the nxedbim of
tlie Basque language/'
An unfortunate incident disturbed the peace of the
family during tikis year. Tke "brave son-in-lu^ of
Humboldt, Major voxt Hederaann,         a brother who
iiad been very wild from Ms earliest yontlu His
eccentricity was unbounded,                   much, grief to
Ills excellent family.     He         served  bravely in the
war?                                          as                  of
in Westphalia, without, however, giving up
iaic           of life.    In this           lie        the
of              a riot in West Prussia to procure
constitution, and to effect  a              in
administration.    When lie had collected together a
number of uneducated men. he went to work3 not
pecting that  lie was already betrayed,    Tke govern-
ment allowed tlie riot to            out.,          then seized
Hedemann and Ma companions, and gave them over to
tlie courts of law.    The news of the
in the beginning of July?  and               a
txon.     Hiim1b0Mt3 who          in                   at        time,
is said to have  "been nmcli annoyed at  the
stance.    How easily eould Ms                                  of
this fact, and connect it with.          former opposition.
But  tlie Mug knew Humboldt too well to give any
credit to such insinuation^           for        ikmxly^s sake,
the unfortunate                                   great
He                  to                    of Grandauz,
"but                         A few                    it  Is said,
pointed to Ms            place.
On the   17th  Jantuuy,  1822, Humboldt           Ms
treatise "On                    of grammatical
tteir influence on         progress of Ideas,5*  in        Aca-
demy  of Sciences.    la the summer of
lie spent some time in Snrgdmer3 where
von Stein paid him a visit.
During the years 1822         1824,
Ms new castle of Tegei    In          of the old Inzntkig